Iron Man is probably the most loved superhero after Batman but everyone is in awe of the Iron Man suit. Robert Downey Jr. who plays Tony Stark the Iron Man in the movies is loved for his charisma as well as the superhero suit that he wears to defeat all the bad guys. Iron Man’s flamboyance and personality are what makes him one of the most loved superheroes of all times. The Iron Man suit comes equipped with a brain-computer interface and artificial intelligence program called Jarvis that performs all the commands that Tony Stark gives. In a similar albeit real-life situation, an Iron Man body suit was developed which can enable you to fly. Founder and Chief Test Pilot of a British tech company, Robert Browning has made his place in the Guinness World Records for fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine powered suit.

Robert Browning of Gravity Industries made his place in the Guinness Book of World Records with the title for the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine powered suit. The one-minute-forty-seven-seconds video that was shared on YouTube has already gone viral and people are actually amazed at Robert Browning flying over water like Tony Stark does in his Iron Man suit. Guinness World Record: Indian Martial Arts Master Wins Title For Most Walnuts Crushed By Hand

Watch the video here:

Guinness World Records maintain that they want to show that everyone in the world is best at something and they are there to measure it and award it. The Guinness World Record YouTube channel showcases incredible talent and this time the technology that was used and got verified is truly spectacular.