Robin Williams suicide: Is depression the price celebrities pay for fame?

The death of Robin Williams came as a terrible blow to his fans and film fraternity around the world.  The funny man led a contradictory sad life, although he made gave us lighter moments with his comic performances, his personal life was in turmoil. No one would ever come to know what the man was going through when he took the drastic step. But the fact that he was fighting with his inner demons was very evident when he could no longer sustain it and finally ended his life.

Depression is not although a mental illness as it is cornered off; it is a state of low mood and a basic aversion to our thoughts. Everyone goes through a low phase; some people snap out of it easily, some drown into the sadness. Depressed mood is not always a physiatrist disorder, but it’s symptoms do coincide with mental illness.

Apparently it is noticeably observed in recent years that a lot of famous people from the entertainment industry do give up on life and commit suicide. Initially, the stars enjoy each and every bit of their freedom, but gradually the stardom starts growing on them and they tend to feel wobbly with all the attention on them. Lack of privacy and being under the glare of media constantly leads to an aversion of their daily routine. The limelight and camera flash that they adore initially turn into a rather traumatizing affair. The complex disorder has social, psychological and biological effects. It can take a toll on anyone irrespective of the fact if the person is weak or strong. The myth is that depression is synonymous with sadness and it affects only weak people, but it’s not true.

Around 8 lakh deaths occur due to suicide and it is the eight highest cause of death globally. Time and again we have witnessed popular celebrities such as Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe, Kurt Cobain and many other celebs who succumbed to death with rather mysterious and tragic ways. People usually take to different catalyst to vent out their depression like drug abuse, alcohol and substance abuse.

Drastic change in life events is the main reason behind the bout of depression. Social factors such as subjugation always play a huge role in the psychological well being. Depression is not untreatable, but when it goes untreatable, it could cause devastating conclusions. With treatment anyone can pause the tragic ending.