Where everyone is busy with IPL, it seems the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar has caught the cricket bug too. A video has gone viral on the social media in which Sachin is seen playing street cricket in Mumbai. Street cricket is known as gully cricket, a hugely popular game all over the Indian subcontinent with youngsters and adults alike participating in the activity which is usually played with a tennis ball. Every young cricketer in Mumbai has worshipped Sachin from the day he/she picked up a bat. It is not easy for fans to see the legend bat live. However, the video is absolutely mesmerizing to see the icon playing on a Mumbai street.

The video shared on social media shows the Master Blaster can be seen knocking a few balls on a busy Mumbai street. Though it is tough to find vacant places to play cricket in the busy capital city of Maharashtra. But Sachin managed to find one and ended up knocking a few deliveries in his free time. He seems to be playing with a bunch of hotel employees from that locality. The video ends when a car stops next to Sachin and a girl yells out his name in disbelief.

Take a look at the video:

Recently, the master blaster was in news because he donated his entire salary and allowances to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. If reports are to be believed, Tendulkar has drawn nearly Rs 90 lakh in salaries and other monthly allowances in the past six years.