Check out the hilarious spoof Tere Naina Hai Al-Qaeda based on Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha‘s song in Dabangg. The spoof has a pathetic look alike Salman with his trademark bracelet, who is trying to imitate his weird dance steps. It also shows an actress with a not-so-big forehead, unlike Sonakshi! Finally a video that dares to mimic Salman is here!

The lyrics by Anant Singh and Anandeshwar Dwivedi go , “Tere Naina hai Al-Qaeda, Maar hi dalenge. Meri Joanna ki shaadi mein Kanpur jaenge, Dahi bhalle, Gol gappe pel ke kha lenge.”

The Facebook page of The Viral Fever (TVF CoCan Studio) – the people behind the spoof – claims that they are currently trending No.1 on YouTube India’s Music section and are doing better than Priyanka Chopra’s latest song I Can’t Make You Love Me!

Check out this amazing video of Tere Naina Hai Al-Qaeda and laugh your guts out!