Samsung last evening introduced the new Galaxy S5, the latest iteration in its line of top end Galaxy smartphones that run Google’s Android operating system. The S5 builds on the somewhat successful Galaxy S4 released last year, bringing with it a few improvements, a dozen more unusable features and the usual upgrades on processor speeds and other minor tweaks.

We took a look at the top new features of the Samsung S5 and found they didn’t really seem to be quite mind-blowing for top tier device.

Fingerprint Scanner – Samsung has blatantly tried copying Apple’s fingerprint based unlock system for the S5. The scanner can store up to only three finger prints and isn’t quite useful save for unlocking the phone.  One cannot use it to buy apps on the Google Play Store or do much else with it. Many who have already used the new S5 say the scanner is unresponsive and unreliable.

Memory and Speed Upgrades – There is only so much a faster processor and more memory can do on a device with an OS that has limited capabilities. Besides Android phones tend to have twice the processor speeds and memory abilities than Apple devices, and yet are prone to slowing down a few months after purchasing the phone.

4K Video Capture – The S5 can now capture video with 4000 pixels. That’s about 4 times the quality of normal HD and generally termed as Ultra High Definition. While the feature is definitely note-worthy, 4K screens are currently prohibitively expensive and there’s not quite much one could do with such a video just yet.

Dust and Water Resistant – Nokia phones have been dust and water-resistant for years now, Samsung! Besides even the Sony Xperia Z1 claimed to be water resistant.

S Health App – The new S- Health App has been completely revamped and along with the new Samsung Gear line of watches promises to keep a better track of your health. Samsung has also added a heart-rate sensor just under the camera, which reads your pulse off your fingertips. How useable this is, is yet to be seen by the general public though!

With a spate of new phones to be introduced in the coming weeks from HTC, LG, and Nokia, it remains to be seen if the Galaxy S5 will match up to other great devices.