If you ask any mom what is one thing that makes them hit the panic button then the answer that you would get is that their kids not responding to phone calls or messages. Moms have an inborn alarm system which instantly triggers if their children do not pick up their calls. On the other hand, you ask anyone, even reasonable adults what happens if they miss their mother’s call or does not answer their text at that very instance and they will tell you that all hell breaks loose. Apparently, this is true for every mother, and when we say every mother we mean that even celebrity mothers fret about their children and they can’t escape their stronghold. Something similar happened with Seth Rogen when his mother took to Twitter to ask him about his whereabouts probably because he wasn’t answering his phone. Seth Rogen’s mom Sandy Rogen is quite an epic personality who never misses a chance of embarrassing her son. A couple of months back she mortified him by tweeting about her sex life, now she is asking his whereabouts on social media. Obviously, Twitterati had a field day with it and did not let Seth Rogen lie low and even the official handle of Twitter and Netflix cracked jokes at the actor’s expense.

Sandy Rogen is worried

Sandy Rogen took to Twitter and wrote tagging her son, “@Sethrogen where are you?” The ‘Superbad’ actor was clearly mortified and was at the receiving end of loads of jokes and memes from Twitterati following this outburst from his mom. Twitterati was worried too about his whereabouts and asked whether she found him or not. After almost a day later, the actor retweeted to his followers and wrote, “When you don’t answer your mom’s phone calls for a day.” His tweet did not go unacknowledged and there were countless people who wanted to share their own thoughts and told him that they have been in the same boat.

Seth Rogen’s reply

Even Twitter did not let the joke go and followed it up with this tweet

Even Netflix did not miss the opportunity

Always a bad sign if the mother uses social media

We are sure next time Seth Rogen will not dare to miss his mother’s calls and will definitely call back in a hurry if he ever does, because otherwise God only knows what she might do. This time it was social media next time it may be the Police hounding you out all over town.