There is no stopping Suhana Khan. After all, she is the loving and fearless daughter of the Badshah of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. Just like her superstar actor father, Suhana is undeterred by the social media malice. Suhana has lately been targeted by online trolls who tried to slut-shame over her posts, be it the viral pool picture or normal poses with friends. Many comments are so offensive and graphic in nature that they amount to a serious case of online sexual harassment. But it has hardly got the lovely and equally fiery teenager on the backfoot as Suhana continues to draw a massive fan following with her new pictures. Shah Rukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Faces Wrath of Sexual Harassers Online: Comments on ‘Cleavage and Boobs’ Will Make Your Blood Boil.

Suhana is enjoying life as a normal teenager while currently studying at London University. SRK’s little princess has also shown a keen interest towards pursuing her career in acting but not before completing her formal education and at least be a graduate. Well, this commandment by her father is a must follow. While Suhana continues to live like any regular girl outside India, she still has to deal with ups and downs of being a star kid. Suhana Khan is a Complete Goofball Flicking Her Hair in This Cute Video Going Viral.

Suhana Khan photos

Suhana Khan

The 17-year-old is one of the most watched out for celebrity kids in India. While her brothers, Aryan and AbRam also boast of followers, Suhana seems to have outnumbered them with an ever-growing social fan base. Every new picture or video of the young girl becomes instantly viral on the social media. Be it her bikini picture in a pool or a simple selfie, all of them make big headlines.  It would not be wrong to say, Suhana has rightly earned the tag of a social media star. Shah Rukh Khan’s Daughter Suhana Khan Overshadows Disha Patani’s Hot Bikini Photo.

Suhana Khan pictures

Suhana Khan Pics

Despite enjoying the fan following, there remains a section of malicious netizens who are better known as trolls. With the rise in Suhana’s popularity, one cannot help but also notice the rise in filthy and vile comments surrounding her. We have seen Suhana handle the chasing paparazzi with her calm demeanour in real. It would be interesting to see how the star in the making handles the spineless keyboard warriors.