We are not being connected by technology; in fact all we are doing is being unsocial by truing to socialize on social networking sites. Technology is making us slave to the mysterious world. All we see is a big bright screen; we are nothing but dumb people with smart phones.

State.com is giving a sneak peek into the hilarious social media frustrations set to classical music. The video features people from different age group doing nothing but venting out angst about hash tagging, tail-wagging and “Am I bragging?” All of it leading up to the message that no one cares about your social media posts.

State lets people communicate in a non competitive way. You don’t need hashtags, followers fame. It allows people to express their opinion in a fun and simple way Turns out it allows you to rate and comment on topics without posting or sending your comments to social media, and then it turns those ratings into graphs.

Watch the video below!