SherlockThe last time we saw Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Dr John Watson) together onscreen, Freeman was a hobbit and Cumberbatch the CGI-inspired dragon Smaug in the The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. The episode had everything we wanted from the season opener – an arrogant, self-obsessed Sherlock, a disapproving Mycroft and of course the grieving John. Did it live up to the hype? We think it did. Here are 10 things we loved about the new Sherlock episode:

*****Spoilers Ahead *****

1. Sherlock telling his torturer about his private life

Sherlock tortureWhile being tortured in Serbia, Sherlock gets his tormentor to leave by assuring him that his wife was sleeping around and if he went now he could catch them in the act. Classic Sherlock!

2. Dr John’s Watson’s whacky moustache

john moustacheThere’s something quite endearing about the moustache but of course Sherlock would’ve none of it as he says claiming he couldn’t be seen with a man who looked old.

3. Sherlock’s French waiter act

sherlock waiterSherlock tries to surprise John by acting like a French waiter but that doesn’t stop him from being attacked by a non-understanding John.

4. Molly trying to be a substitute John Watson

mollyWith John refusing to re-join Sherlock on his adventures, Sherlock convinces Molly to sub for John but instead ends up calling her John all the time!

5. Mycroft and Sherlock’s childhood tales

myocroftIt’s heartening to hear that Sherlock was the ‘stupid one’   when they were kids and it was only when they met other children did they realise that they were far, far more intelligent all the other kids.

6. Sherlock deciphering John’s fiancée Mary

marySherlock goes into one of his super modes analysing Mary and deciphers her to be clever and also a liar, which is intriguing considering very few people would qualify to be clever in his book.

7. The Empty Hearse’s conspiracy theories

sherlock theoryAndersen simply doesn’t believe Sherlock is dead and has created a conspiracy theory group to discuss how Sherlock survived. One of the theories that Moriarty and Sherlock are gay for each other is amazingly bizarre.

8. Andersen’s tête-à-tête with Sherlock

andersenSherlock explains to Andersen exactly how he survived but Andersen doesn’t buy it and goes bonkers on all his ‘research’.

9.  Sherlock dismantling the bomb and not telling Watson about it

sherlock bomb dismantlingSherlock defuses the bomb but doesn’t tell Watson who believes they’re dying and thus gets him to forgive him!

10. The new super villain

new super villainThe last scene of the episode gives us a glimpse of new villain Charles Augustus Milverton who seems to be observing Sherlock. However, he will have a hard time competing with Moriarty and femme fatale Irene Adler.