There is a common phrase in Hindi, “Jako Rakhe Saiyan, Maar Sake Na Koi” which means that if God wants to save someone then no one can kill him, and this phrase has turned out to be true in a biker’s miraculous escape after a collision with the truck. The horrific accident was captured on camera. The video shows the female biker for being dragged on for a couple of meters before the truck driver realizes and stops the vehicle. What is equally shocking is how quickly the supposedly injured woman gets up back on her feet. The video posted by Shanghaiist on Facebook is just 35 seconds long but seems longer especially when you see the woman trapped under the truck. The video has already become viral on social media.

The video will make you watch it not once but at least twice to ascertain exactly what happened. The biker takes a long curve when trying to turn and the truck and the biker collide trying to overtake each other. The biker goes under the front wheels of the truck and it seems that the truck driver did not even figure out that the biker was trapped under the truck’s front wheels. The video shows the biker extricating herself and getting up once the truck stops. The fact that she gets up unhurt and unaided is not less than a miracle. Horrific CCTV Footage Shows Mumbai Woman Falling Off Her Scooter And Getting Crushed By Oncoming Crane

Watch the shocking video here:

The video has generated a lot of buzz on the social media and garnered around three lakh views, 5,600 reactions and more than 2,200 shares on Facebook. The video was shared with the apt caption, “Her lucky day.”