Maths puzzle seems so interesting on social media, that you cannot stop yourself from giving the answers. One random WhatsApp forward about a question based on reasoning or logic, or a picture showing a mathematical problem and most people will try to solve it. Same happened with the Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor, who thought to answer a maths puzzle posted by the editor of Filmfare magazine Jitesh Pillaai. It showed a triangle with a number of triangles inside and asking how many triangles are there in the pictures.

The puzzle must be looking interesting. Well, just like everyone trying to find the right answer, the Padman actress also tweeted what she thought was the answer. Not that everyone who responded to the puzzle knew the right answer, but a wrong answer coming from a celeb wasn’t an easy thing to let go of. Sonam’s answer was 7, which was wrong. In case you were wondering what is the answer, most people suggest the correct answer is 18.

She immediately got trolled on Twitter because she doesn’t know maths!

However, twitterati must be so eager to troll Sonam that they didn’t notice the two tweets she posted. She herself admitted that she’s bad at maths and doesn’t know the answer. Many users supported the actress also.