The winter season in India brings one more thing other than the usual chill and fog and that is the wedding season. The wedding season in India is like a festival where rites and rituals go on for days and family get-togethers, fights, lots of laughter as well as tears follows. All this is multiplied twenty times when it is a wedding being held in Delhi and if you have seen the Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh movie Band Baaja Baraat then you would know what we are talking about. There are lots of band baaja, music, DJ, rituals, songs, dances and obviously lots of booze too. Now Nishant Tanwar, a stand–up comedian has tried to explain what happens in a “Dilli ki Shaadi”, and it is so apt that it became the number one trend on YouTube.

Nishant Tanwar has a way of talking which is well loved by his audience. His slow monotonous voice has a quality which is best to explain larger-than-life happenings and this is what has made this video of his #1 trend on YouTube. He has caught the crux of the matter and very aptly describes in what happens in “Dilli Ki Shaadi”. As it is weddings in India take on humongous proportions where the bride and groom’s family no longer look at the budget and goes all out to show how rich and sophisticated they are. So from destination weddings to unnecessary stunts, Indian weddings have it all, and yes, let’s not forget those pesky relatives whom you meet only on such occasions. Siberian Troupe UDI’s Optical Illusion Dance Performance at Britain’s Got Talent Will Blow Your Mind

Watch the video here:

The video had garnered around 889,313 views and was trending on YouTube at the number one spot. The comedy act perfectly sums up what happens in a Delhi wedding and will definitely remind you of one such wedding that you’ve attended.