Steven Gerrad, football player who announced his retirement from the international game is English, Vladimir Putin is Russian President and John Cena is professional wrestler from United States, but according to Indians – All of them are ANGREZ! Please do not look surprised but that is the general perception of our countrymen. Twitter had a trending topic #AccordingToIndians that was on the general perception of the Indian.

Thanks to these ongoing trending topics on Twitter, we come to know about the general mindset and thoughts going on among us on certain topics. Few days back Twitter had trending topic #AccordingToIndians. Well the topic being self explanatory, Twitterati discussed what they thought was right according to our country people. The tweets ranged from the evergreen topics like those of arrange marriage to Sachin Tendulkar and some touchy issues regarding rapes to gender discrimination.

Trending topics like According to Indians show what we still think about ourselves or have seen follow. In a very light manner these posts give us a kind of reality check. From cliché thoughts like boys and girls cannot be friends to taking potshots on the education system of our country, this trend brought a lot in light. Some of the funniest tweets are about the most typical things we have heard from our parents in our growing up days – Sharmaji Ka Beta Kitna Accha Hai Padhai Mein or Medical ya Engineering Kar Lo, Bahut Scope Hai!

Read some of the most hilarious tweets on what is the world around us #AccordingToIndians:



Accordin to Indians




Accordin to Indians1









Accordin to Indians2