The creator of the strangers kissing video, we posted a while back, has another video but this time strangers get to undress each other and it is oddly calming yet awkwardly arousing. The video titled ‘Undress Me’ directed by Tatia Pilieva has many sets of strangers, a man and a woman, two women and two men in an empty expanse with a bed and sheets which they lie on after they undress each other down to their undergarments.

The video is for promoting the upcoming season of Masters of Sex, a show which enlightens us about Masters and Johnson who conducted the strangers undressing each other experiment over half a century ago. There is behavioral science involved in the experiment but the end result of the final render sure is sexy.

You can’t call it steamy as the strangers try to find common ground about their nervousness but one couple gets past the awkwardness and go to the next level while another couple goes under the sheets.

You can see the genuine sense of walking into oblivion as the strangers meet, greet and start getting rid of clothes off a stranger. Watching this oddly hot video here-