Super Mario Bros. has been a video game that has broken friendships and increased the competitive spirit of many. The Nintendo platform video game from the 90’s revolved around our homeboy Mario running through the obstacles and saving his princess has various speedrun records in its kitty and is extremely popular. However, the best speedrun for the game has earned Darbian a world record for the almost perfect run timed at 4:56.878. The Super Mario expert has a long list of records in the speedruns to rescue the princess, and his last record was made on 5th October 2016.

Darbian has broken his own record three times and is currently standing as the fastest Super Mario player who ran through the obstacles in merely 4-miniutes-56-seconds and 878 nanoseconds. Darbian is an avid Super Mario player whose YouTube channel is full of various records that the Nintendo addict has held. From completing six matches in sixty minutes in The Super Marihour Challenge to beating his previous timing in Super Mario speedrunning records, Darbian channel has all the entertainment and gives some insider tips and tricks on beating the enemies and saving the day in the Super Mario race.

Super Mario games have a set of obstacles and challenges that need to be completed in order to reach the princess and rescue her. Mario’s adventures in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom have been a vital part of every 90’s kid’s childhood. The video game series which has various updates and versions is still one of the most loved and addictive video games available. Over 310 million copies of games in the Super Mario series have been sold worldwide till September 2015. Super Mario is the best-selling video game series in history and this video will make you play the game again!

Here is the video of Darbian making the speedrun world record

In spite of making four records of less than five minutes timing and his record of 4-miniutes-56-seconds and 878 nanoseconds stands unbeaten and was made a day after gamer, Kosmic, made a record of 4:57.194. dabrian is a US based player, and his channel is full of the videos of him playing different levels, and different games from the Super Mario series.