The strangest star in the universe is named as the Tabby’s star which is known to act up from time to time. The mysterious star which is 1,300 light-years from Earth is acting up again as dipping activities have been observed once again by astronomers. Lying between the Cygnus and Lyra constellation, Tabby’s star is known to behave, unlike any stars that have been studied by scientists all over the world. The star, which is actually named KIC 8462852, got its name as Tabby’s star after the person who observed the weird movements of the yellow dwarf star and wrote about it. Every few years the KIC 8462852 dims down, and its brightness dips as much as 20%. NASA finally cracks the mystery of strange flashes of lights seen on Earth’s surface from space!

The latest of one such dipping session was caught by astronomers who were startled by the changes and shared their excitement on social media. There have been various papers and discussions on Tabby’s star, and nobody can quite understand what triggers the dipping of this star. However, there are various theories on the reason behind this weird and mysterious behaviour by the star that has been proposed by astronomers. The most obvious and exciting theory suggests that alien life exists at the star which is the main reason that makes Tabby’s star incredibly exciting. UFO seen in NASA video? Watch bizarre alien ship coming close to the International Space Station!

However, no hard proof have been found of this extraterrestrial life as SETI Institute’s initial radio reconnaissance of the star also failed to catch any signals of life. This theory of alien life has brought the name alien megastructure star to the unique star. Other reasons suggested for the dimming star’s weird movements include the possibility of a planet passing in front of the star. Other natural explanations like a cluster of comets swarming through are also not applicable here as the data did not match for these possibilities.

Here is a video of everything you need to know about Tabby’s star

After a lot of research, it was established that the star’s unnatural behaviour of dimming and dipping is due to a swarm of alien megastructures. The flickering of Tabby’s star has been a mystery that astronomers are trying to understand and this is the reason that the sudden dipping last week created a lot of excitement among researchers. The entire event was closely observed and the data of the dipping will now be used to identify the exact pattern behind the sudden dimming and dipping of the star time and again.