There is hope for men after all! Who knew? A new survey by matrimonial portal site said that Indian women are put off by men who post selfies (which is a self-portrait photograph) on social networking platform such as Facebook.

It seemed like many guys who kept taking selfies where the “cool” ones and the ones who didn’t choose to flip out their phones to take a pic that showed off how they looked were the “outcasts”. This survey has restored faith in Indian women definitely. Actually, it also proves that Indian women are smart and look for more than just trendy stuff. Selfies just kind of bring out the impression that you are self obsessed.

The survey was originally conducted to understand what Indian women disliked about men. From the survey, 23.1 percent of the respondents said that they dislike “Men who post selfies on Facebook”, when asked about what they disliked the most about men.

There’s something else that men must remember, it’s that women scan a man very well upon meeting him for the first time. First impressions are gold! So you must remember to keep your phone away and concentrate just on her. As the women dislike ‘men who are constantly tweeting or messaging on WhatsApp during a meal”.

If you’re a guy who MUST know the score of your team, it goes without saying that you must try as hard as you possibly can to forget about it while you are with her. Also things like “rude behavior with the waiter at a restaurant” and “men obsessed with clicking food pictures” are again annoying to them!

So, men! You know what to do now, right? Be men!