A warrior is a person who is specialised in warfare and usually belongs to a separate social class of people who excel in the art of war. Throughout history there have been several great warrior classes some of which still exist today and others which don’t, here’s a list of some of the most feared warrior classes ever:

1) The Samurai- The Samurai were a warrior class from Japan. They were famous for their strict sense of honour and discipline. The Samurai followed the bushido code, which was a set of rules for all Samurai to live by and is quite similar to the knight’s code of chivalry. Some of the Samurai’s weapons include the Yumi bow, the Katana sword and the Shuriken the Samurai wore heavy armour and fought on horseback. The Samurai were Japan’s main military force for centuries but in 1873 Emperor Meji abolished their right to be Japan’s sole armed force and created a  modernised conscript army, this was the beginning of the end of the Samurai.

2) The Knight- A Knight is a person granted an Knighthood by a monarch. In Medieval Europe the Knights were the lower nobility. Knights fought primarily on horseback. They wore chainmail and later plate mail steel armour, they often carried shields. Their weapons included the broadsword, the halberd, the lance and the mace though they also used several other types of weapons as well. The Knights followed a strict code of Chivalry which dictated that they be honourable, protect the weak (children, widows and the elderly) and Show no mercy to infidels (which has conveniently been forgotten by people who try to glorify the code of Chivalry).

3) The Spartans- The Spartan army was the most effecting fighting force of it’s day. It was composed of male citizens and was the centre of the Greek state of Sparta. Spartan Hoplites wore bronze armour and carried a heavy bronze shield which was the most important weapon in their arsenal. Their shields could interlock and form a massive bronze wall in front of their enemies. The Spartans also used the javelin for long range and the xiphos short sword for close quarters, their primary weapon was the spear. The Spartans were most famous for fighting in the battle of Thermopylae against the massive Persian army led by King Xerxes because of the movie 300 but they fought in several other battles as well.