SuperheroesSuperheroes are like the demi-Gods of this century, they teach children moral values and right from wrong while simultaneously kicking bad guy butt. Some superheroes are cultural icons and symbolize justice even in the real world. Ever since the first superhero comics in the 1930’s superhero books, toys and movies have been a huge hit worldwide from Batman in the US to Shaktimaan or Krrish in India. Perhaps one of the reasons superheroes are so popular especially today is because they represent justice and moral virtue in a world where it scarcely exists. In many ways they contribute more to the path of righteousness than any ordinary individual ever would or could. The 5 greatest most influential superheroes in the world today are:

5) Hulk- Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist who, after a gamma radiation accident becomes the Hulk. Though he appears to be a mindless beast and is feared and hated by most people and even other superheroes, the Hulk is in fact a misunderstood creature. Far from being a monster he has actually saved the world a couple of times, His superpowers include, super strength, invulnerability and being green.

4) Wolverine- Wolverine is not a traditional superhero, he is in many ways an anti hero, and he has killed people. Despite this he’s generally a nice guy. His powers include a healing factor, an adamantium skeleton, six adamantium claws and being played by Hugh Jackman. Logan is also a failed samurai, and member of the X-men and the Avengers.

3) Spiderman- Spiderman is a tragic hero. Peter Parker is a brilliant student and great superhero but is haunted by the memory of his murdered uncle Ben. Parker is also a wisecrack always ready with a witty one-liner much to the annoyance of his enemies. He is one of the few superheroes without a major character flaw if you take away his somewhat comical demeanor.

2) Batman- Bruce Banner is a billionaire and a genius, who spends his nights running around the city beating up bad guys. That doesn’t sound very glamorous, but he does it with cool toys, the best of which is the batmobile. Batman is a product of Banner’s childhood trauma caused by his parents being killed in front of him (and you thought your childhood sucked) but whether that justifies his vigilante behaviour is for the moralists to decide. What makes him awesome is he has no superpowers yet everyone in the D.C universe respects or fears him.

1) Superman- The greatest superhero and the only one on the list who isn’t even human. He’s a big blue boy scout and the most iconic hero in the world, despite a series of bad films on him he is still the most distinguishable and famous superhero, every one knows who he is. His powers are super strength, speed, laser vision, ice breath and invincibility. He wears his underwear over his pants because nobody has the guts to make fun of him for it.