Admakers have a tough job trying to imbibe a product into the minds of the masses with an idea which has to convey the message and be remembered for years. Remember the Dhara ad, we all saw it on tv when we were kids but every time you see jalebis, you are bound of think of the ad and play it out in your mind on how the little boy runs away from home and returns home to eat jalebis. The ad was so simple and so effective that you fall in love with the concept and remember the product it is associated with.

It look like another such ad has come along which will be remembered as one of the all time greats when it finally comes on tv. The advert is about a grandmother who takes a tiffin of daal to feed his grandson who is bed ridden.

The nurse scolds her repeatedly so that the patient cannot be fed any food item other than that of the hospital but the granny perseveres and comes back day after day till one day she brings food for the nurse. The nurse eats the food and realizes what the daal is brilliant. What happens next is what is beyond explaining in words and you need to watch the ad to understand the brilliance of simple idea.

Keep the tissues close, this ad can make anyone well up-