green_lantern_2011_movie-HD finalWe all have at one point of time tried to see if we possess any kind of super power. Most of these attempts are addressed in childhood but many still try their luck to bring out a repressed chromosome or some kind of incident to bring out the super side of you.
It is true that irrespective of age and occupation, super powers have always enticed the minds of us all. We carefully measure the pros and cons of them all when thinking about it as if we would end up having one at some point in life. Let’s look at some of the most sought after powers that we would love to possess.

Teleportation – Jumper

Being able to teleport to beat the traffic and travel to any place that you have seen a picture of is not only insanely cool but opens the doors to a host of new opportunities.
Seeing through things – Superman

Not only is this another super power that every man would love to have but it also brings about a perverse side of everyone at least for a little while.
Physical Telepathy – Green Lantern

The ability to form anything that you want by just thinking about it is right up there with the powers you want most. From fighter jets to catapults, Hal Jordan can form anything he wants.
Elasticity – Fantastic Four

To be able to elongate any part of your body to an insane length is rather appealing. Stretching has a new meaning with this power.
Super Healing – Wolverine

Just short of what can be called the power of immortality, Wolverine has such great healing powers that he can withstand fatal wounds without dying and can regenerate his body in amazing time.
Invisibility – Hollow Man

This is another one of those powers that can be put to selfish derogatory uses but the power of invisibility is too cool.
Mental Manipulation – X-Men

Controlling people was forbidden in Bruce Almighty by Morgan Freeman or God but apparently human evolution has become more advanced that some (Charles Xavier and) can now not only read thoughts but influence and control others too. We want this power!
Ability to fly – Superman

To be able to fly has always been a dream of men. This need made the Wright Brothers famous and now we can fly practically anywhere by catching a flight but those dreadful hours spent after security clearance is not worth it. The ability to fly is not only cool but also economical.
Strength – The Hulk

Super human strength without having to go to the gym? Sounds golden but it comes with the problem of indiscriminate destruction. If that can be sorted, this is another great super power to have.