No one can forget when they were young and absolutely free doing just kid stuff. When did it all change? When we were young, all we could think about was how we wanted to grow up faster. Boom! Now we’re all adults.

Now that everyone’s working, people tend to get annoyed while striving to attain the big prize. Money becomes a huge part of our lives and it rules us all. It also becomes difficult when we have to put away childish things while working for a job and paying several bills.

Later, responsibility seeks in, which is great in the long run, but what the hell? It sucks to do those things! We have to then make important meal choices to watch out weight, we don’t watch cartoons anymore and we have to make important decisions that we have to live with the rest of our lives! It’s all part of the “quarter-life crisis” package we order right after growing up into an adult.

Nostalgia is the only sweet thing that helps us! It reminds us of how awesome we were when we were kids. Here are some of the best tweets that retell you of the innocent times: