Yes, we all know that if used wrongly, even a matchstick can burn down your house but that is only when you are playing around with it. What we have here is a of what people choose as their career and the dangers that come along with it. Here are the 9 most dangerous things to do for a living.



We start off with the most exciting job on the list which was a boyhood dream of many but the odds of lifting off from the a Earth in a tiny capsule surrounded by the most efficient inflammable substances in a shuttle with millions of precision parts built by the lowest bidder. Apologies for the buzz kill but these are the stark realities and risks of being an astronaut.



Big hunky men battling infernos and trying to save lives, sounds amazing and very racy but the fires which firefighters have to douse can easily cook a human being in minutes.



Timberrrrrrrrr, being a very low paying job as compared to the risks involved in it like handling powerful cutting tools like chainsaws which can easily amputate limbs and also be fatal.



If have to be under an elevated car and if the hydraulic lift or jack gives way then a ton or more of car will be hurtling towards your body with nothing to stop it other than your face.



Overdose of underground mining can lead to various pulmonary diseases, not to mention if the digging goes on despite warnings the mine can get flooded or cave in trapping the miners who cannot be rescued immediately.


Mountain GuideMountain guide

As if mountain climbing wasn’t hazardous enough, to guide a bunch of amateurs or less experienced climbers requires patience and at time sheer dumb luck.


Police OfficerPolice officer

Get up every day, go out catch baddies or try to but not without them fighting back. The work of a policemen in a way is to initiate a dangerous situation mainly because of the refusal to comply by the ‘offenders’.


Garbage HandlerGarbage man

There are no risks when it comes to daredevilry but due to handling waste that may contain all kinds of contaminants, some harmful liquid or physical waste can come in contact with you leaving devastating effects.


Stunt PerformerStunt man

Jumping your bike/car off a ramp and no matter how much you plan, the smallest details like the rotation of the earth and wind can be the thin line they walk between life and death.


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