Woman-powerAre you a feminist? Do you know the meaning of Feminism? Rethink. In today’s age the F word seems to be on a major rise. Women empowerment, Women emancipation, etc. Women’s Day just went but it should be asked whether the true meaning of feminism is known or not.

Do you call yourself a feminist cause you love to see women take over and go ahead of men? Then think again. Feminism is an idea that propagates equality of sexes. Where man is equal to man in all spheres of life such as politics, social, economical etc. But these day women are forgetting that feminism comprises of both the sexes, not just the female. The idea of feminism is to liberate the women as well as deal with the other one. There is a very thin line between being feminist and sexist. Woman these days often think supporting their own sex and demeaning or undermining the other is feminism but that is just merely sexist.

Patriarchy has no gender. If this system demanded a woman to be feminine it also demanded a male to be aggressive and masculine and those who didn’t fit in the social conventions were considered outcasts. Hence, feminism isn’t only about woman emancipations but also about dealing with the other sex and accepting them as an equal.