If you think you’re stupid:

When we read about child prodigies and inventers we feel pretty stupid. We all make stupid mistakes and obviously most of us haven’t achieved much with our lives. The sad thing is most of us haven’t even begun to reach the pinnacle of stupidity either, we’re just mediocre, here’s a list of some really stupid things people throughout history have actually done:


1) Roman Emperor Caligula (supposedly) declared war on the Neptune (the God of the sea, because declaring war on a planet would be really stupid) and ordered his army to attack the sea and bring back sea shells as spoils of war. He’s the same guy who made his horse a Consul but to be fair he was a violent lunatic, not that we’d be much better given the circumstances.


2) In 1788 at the  Battle of Karánsebes the Austrian army attacked and completely decimated the Austrian army. That’s right in a case of mistaken identity the Austrian army accidentally attacked itself (they mistook each other for the Turks who they were supposed to actually be fighting) and in a pitched battle suffered 10,000 casualties all by friendly fire, the incident resulted in the whole army retreating and Emperor Joseph II being pushed off his horse into a creek.


3) Napoleon’s Invasion of Russia, in 1812 Napoleon had the most powerful army ever assembled, unfortunately this military genius was about to make one blunder that would cost him his whole empire, he invaded Russia. Of the 600,000 French soldiers that invaded Russia most perished falling victim to fighting, starvation disease and the harsh Russian winter, 130 years later another military genius would make the same mistake. (guess who). Talk about history repeating itself.