Gangs of WasseypurAnurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur was the arguably the most epic gangster movie Bollywood ever made and the main reason for this was the bizarrely psychopathic characters that inhabited the landscape. Here are 7 of the most amazing characters in the movie:


Definite ‘Ek ladka aur lakdi kabhi dost nahin hote’ (A girl and guy can never be just friends.)

Mouthing clichéd Bollywood dialogues, Definite is the Salman bhai lookalike who wants to take over his older half-brother Faizal’s criminal empire. Playing with snakes, almost killing people in stupid bets and doing anything his heart desires, he’s like dynamite that just can’t be controlled. Ramadhir Singh tries to recruit him to kill Faizal but Definite really isn’t controllable.


Perpendicular‘Humara naam hai Perpendicular. Hum aapka dukan lutne aye hain. Faizal Khan haamare bada bhai hain.’ (My name is Perpendicular. I’ve come to loot your shop. Faizal Khan is my older brother.)

Sardar Khan’s third-born son Perpendicular is so psychotic actually makes the rest of his mobster family look sane. He roams around with a razor blade in his mouth, does crazy bike stunts, hero-worships Munna Bhai and absolutely terrorises everyone around him with who’re too afraid to speak up because of his older brother’s reputation.

Faizal Khan

Faizal Khan‘Baap ka, Bhai ka, Dada ka, sabka badla lega tera Faizal.’ (Your son Faizal will avenge his father’s, grandfather’s and my brother’s deaths.)

Faizal Khan is at the centre of everything that happens in Gangs of Wasseypur Part II as the pot-headed youth undergoes a Michael Corleonesque transformation to avenge his family’s losses and take over the criminal empire in Wasseypur. On the flipside, he’s oddly Bollywood romantic and very monogamous and extremely reluctant to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Nagma Khatoon

Nagma Khatoon” Tum log ko khana hazam kaise hota hai re” (How can you all eat so peacefully?)

Sardar Khan’s first wife is quite feisty and very protective of her sons. She seems to be the only one who isn’t scared of her husband and has no qualms running through a brothel after her cheating husband with a cleaver in her hand. However, she seems to deeply love him and admonishes her sons for not avenging his death.

Ramadhir Singh

Ramadhir SinghTum apni bhavnaaon ko daalo apni gaand me. Saala yahaan baithe baithe chhutwaiyaa netaaon, chhote chhote bachchon ki tarah netaa-giri karte ho. Abe apne kshetra me jaao thoda motivation do logo ko.’ (Shove your emotions up your arse, what are you doing here go to your constituency and give people some motivation!)

Our primary antagonist plots the downfall of three generations of Khans and is one of the most cold and calculating villains to grace the silver screen. Starting off as man with a few mines, he goes on rule all over Dhanbad as he becomes a politician and builds his own criminal empire.

Sultan Qureshi

Sultan Qureshi‘Ye Wasseypur hai, yahaan kabootar bhi ek pankh se udta hai air dusre se apni ijjat bachata hai.’ (This is Wasseypur, here even a pigeon flies with one wing and uses the other to protect his modesty.)

The nephew of the infamous Sultana dacoit, he is a butcher by profession whose only agenda is to kill Sardar Khan and his sons. He is extremely vicious and will kill anyone who opposes him and hates the Khan family with gusto.

Sardar Khan

Sardar Khan‘Hamari zindagi ka ek hi maqsad hai badla! Ramadhir Singh ko baddpan ki sidhi chadte dekh nahi jata, uss harmi ko hamme mitana hai, goli nahi marenge saale ko khe lengye’ (My life has only one purpose – revenge. I hate seeing Ramadhir Singh go up the success ladder, I want to destroy that bastard, I won’t shoot him, I will taunt him while killing him!)

This iconic dialogue pretty much sums up Sardar Khan’s character in the Gangs of Wasseypur where he goes through life with only one purpose, to completely destroy the man who killed his father. Completely whacked in the head and drunk with the lust for power, he does bizarre things like taunting Ramadhir with a Mithun look-alike and is a sex freak who just can’t get enough despite being married to two women!