It is a universal truth that the most beautiful stories ever written always have an inkling of sadness embedded in it. Romance stories, love stories are the most beautiful yet somehow very sad. There is something endearing about people pining about their soulmates. Every time we see a romantic comedy or see an elderly couple holding hands or showing some love it makes our heart go aww, because nothing beats the feeling of growing old with the person you love. A chemist put out an emotional Twitter thread which is making people teary-eyed on the internet and has gone viral for all the mushy reasons. He shared what he called the “saddest day of his life”. He wrote on Twitter, “I know most of yall wont care but, I just HAVE to share it. Here’s my thread.” However, what he did not believe was that the thread would go viral and it would move people to tears.

Adam Ellis's Ghost Story On Twitter Just Got Spookier (Watch Video)

Adam Ellis's Ghost Story On Twitter Just Got Spookier (Watch Video)

The Twitter thread that James Morales shared on his account was that of an elderly couple who used to come to his pharmacy shop to buy medicines. The chemist recounted the usual exchange that he used to have with the couple and how the lady would always smile and made small talk while the elderly gentleman would only look at her and observe what she is doing. However, James Morales was in for a surprise when one day he saw only the man visits his pharmacy. Upon enquiring about his wife he told James Morales that she died last night and he has actually come to return the medicines that she did not use. Check out the Twitter thread below.

The Saddest experience

The Old Couple

The lovable woman


The couple were well known as they were regulars

The woman was chirpy

Always together

The thunderbolt

James Morales did not know what was coming

The Bad news

The reason for coming alone

Everyone was stunned

Life goes on

The tears have a way of appearing at the most inopportune moment

A promise kept

People who love us never leave us

The strength of the man was exceptional

The importance of expressing your love

Seize the day

Regrets is what we are left with when we don’t express our feelings

Misgivings for life

The solace that was needed

My heart will go on?

Left alone

Telling someone you love them is important

Everyone was given a wake up call

He did not have anybody

Tell the important people in your life that you love them

James Morales’s Twitter thread received a whopping 117,217 retweets and 183,194 likes with over 13,000 replies. His twitter thread and this story brings a very bitter truth to the fore that we never know how much time we have with our loved ones. Never wait to tell your near and dear ones how much they mean to you and how much you love them because you never know when they would leave you and go to embark on a totally different journey.