Social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp are a perfect place for breeding exotic borderline controversial videos. A new video going super viral is that of a Haryana Police woman constable dancing in full glory. The video clip recorded from a mobile phone shows the woman constable dancing in front of a room full of other female police officers. This viral video has the Haryana police constable showing off her hot sensuous dance moves much to the amusement of rest of spectators. The hot video has the female police dancing sexily has spread like wildfire on the social media. ALSO WATCH: Impromptu dance performance by a group of women on Delhi metro!

According to reports, the Haryana police officials were deputed for election duty. This female police constable in her free time decided to have some fun. Completely engrossed in dance, she is cheered on by her colleagues sitting as the enthusiastic audience. While there is nothing wrong with the woman to dance in her free time, she has been slammed by the netizens. The comments on her dance performance are derogatory, to say the least. Several versions of the video are going viral. From the original one posted to the video with title, ‘Lady Police Dancing On Haryanvi Song Laad Piya Ke’ has garnered everyone’s attention.

The video has been viewed and shared several thousand times on the social media. The police constable in question is definitely making to the coolest dancing cop of the state. Despite the backlash, she has received (the pathetic negative comments on YouTube), she is one hell of a dancer. As a matter of fact, if we can accept the moonwalking traffic cop from Indore, we should totally be in awe with this Dabang female constable from Haryana. Enjoy the exciting dance performance by Haryana police constable in uniform.