Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have been reportedly dating each other for several years now. They have had their share of ups and downs, however they have stuck by each other’s side through everything. There even rumors of the couple breaking up, but Virat and Anushka’s public appeared out all those rumors to an end. Virat has also been pretty vocal about his love for Anushka. He keeps sharing pictures of the couple together on his Instagram and has made us go awww. He put up a post on Women’s Day and also on Valentine’s Day professing his love for Anushka and those posts sent the internet into a frenzy.

Now Virat Kohli is once again in the news and that is also got to do with his love life. As a part of Diwali celebrations Aamir Khan and Virat Kohli will come together for a chat show on Zee Tv. Now this news has left one and all excited.  Now when such an exciting chat show is coming up, it is only obvious that Zee Tv would release a teaser to increase the excitement even more. Virat Kohli is already ruling hearts for his exceptional game skills on field and also when he gives out true boyfriend goals. In the chat show coming up, Virat Kohli has once again made us go awww. The video is a short one and in that he talks about their green room fun and Aamir talks about the phase when he became fat for his movie Dangal. However what really caught everybody’s attention is when Virat was talking about love and he ended up saying, ‘Nushkie is really very honest.’

This revealed what Virat Kohli callas Anushka lovingly. So everybody is left wondering if Nushkie is Anushka’s nickname or is it an exclusive name by Virat for his love?Now whether this s what he calls her not will be revealed only on October 15th when the chat show will be aired on Zee TV. Here is the teaser of the show that Zee Tv shared on their twitter account.


This chat show is said to have been shot to promote Aamir Khan’s upcoming movie Secret Superstar starring Zaira Wasim. Th movie will release on October 19 and Aamir has a small role only. This chat show is surely going to be fun. It will be great to watch a cricketer and Bollywod superstar have a candid conversation about love and life.