If your life is plagued by pimples then this piece of news will provide some solace to you and if you can’t help but look at watching videos of pimples being popped out on the internet or blackheads being removed then this will definitely put a balm on your overwrought senses. Cakes are usually the most appealing and satisfying food but by watching this video and the idea behind this you might start having second thoughts about the piece of cake that is lying in your fridge. The video of a special cake that has become the new internet sensation is what obnoxious fetish are made of. The video is of a cake made into a face with pustules or pimples that you can actually pop has become viral. The comments on the cake’s video range from delicious to gross but whatever the reaction it sure have become an internet sensation.

The cake has been baked and designed by a Kuala Lumpur-based company called The Cakescape. The pictures and a video of the pimple cake were shared on the company’s Instagram page and have gone viral. The video was shared on October 10, 201, and since then has garnered around 10,552 views and loads of comment. The Cakescape shared the video with the caption, “Ouchh! This girl is having serious acne problems.” Troll Cakes: New York bakery replies to trolls with their own messages on cakes and we Indians surely need some!

The Video

The Cake

The people have actually identified with the cake and some have said that the cake is so much like them, whereas some people have labeled it as “gross”. We reserve our judgment on the cake but this sure was a novel idea and a funny one too, would be a good choice to freak your friend out with acne problems, but beware you might want to pull this joke on a friend with a terrific sense of humour and not someone who gets easily offended.