We’re sure you’ve heard of long distance relationships but long distance kings and ruling? Well, this indeed is a first! The developmental chief of Southern Ghana, Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah manages the Hohoe region and is often refereed to as the King of Hohoe. He is one of the most innovative rulers and people in positions of power often have unique ideas and ways of ruling. However, Togbe Ngoryifia Céphas Kosi Bansah, better known as Céphas Bansah manages his region via Skype!

Céphas Bansah moved to Germany for higher studies and it was there that he met his present wife Gabrielle and decided to settle down in Germany itself. He did not return to Ghana and continues to manage his Ghanian responsibilities and fulfil his duties via Skype! Céphas Bansah was born on April 22, 1948. He spent his childhood in the region and won many laurels right since childhood. He first visited Germany in 1970 during a student exchange program and did an apprenticeship as a mechanic for vehicles and for agricultural equipment.

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He was appointed as the developmental chief as he resided abroad and had experience of the workings of a developed nation. However, even after being appointed as the developmental chief, he decided to continue working from Germany itself and not return as he thought it would help his region better. He not only has his own workshop in Germany but even has multiple charities and through which he raises funds for the people and the development of Hohoe. He believes it is better for him to continue living abroad where he can reach out to a larger audience and manage to get fund more easily.

Céphas Bansah with the help of German donations and aid, has improved agriculture in his region, introduced a whole lot of machinery and new equipment, medical equipment, education for doctors, clean water supplies, etc. He is not just a shrewd businessman and philanthropist but even a musician and has released multiple albums and CDs! He is often looked at as the bridge connecting two very different and diverse cultures.

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Well, quite interesting, isn’t it? So if the governance of an entire region can be managed via Skype, we do wonder if we shall soon see even Indian bureaucrats settling abroad and Skyping their election campaigns and manifestos. Oh wait. Hasn’t our honourable Prime Minister Modi commenced with it? Looking at the number of times he is out of India, we won’t really be surprised if he announces he’s settling in one of the “developed regions” soon and these trips were mere chances at house-hunting. It all ties up with his stress on digital India too! Hmm… Interesting! Yo Modi, fancy Skype governance?