If you ask any Indian whether they have played ludo or not the answer would always be a vehement affirmative. Ludo was and still is the go-to game in many Indian families and there have been myriad instances where we had whiled away our time playing the sport. Reportedly Ludo and snakes and ladders were invented in India. However, the game has lost its sheen in modern times now that we all have our smartphones and expensive gadgets to help us kill time. However, when adults do start playing Ludo keeping their smartphones and gizmos aside it sure takes the internet by storm and provides a big guffaw for everyone on the internet. A video of people playing the game in the middle of a desert has gone viral and making people roll on the floor laughing with their antics.

Local Pakistan, a YouTube channel has shared the viral video on its account. It is a short clip of adults playing Ludo in a desert and the internet literally went bonkers over it. You would ask what is so special about the video. Well, the adults are not exactly playing the board game but have made it into a life-size board in the desert where people are doubling up as pawns. They have made the desert as their board and they have a guy chilling at the centre of the board as he has reached ‘home’ and is no longer in the game. The other people take steps as the dice is rolled.

Watch the video here:

The video is hilarious especially when a player picks up the man masquerading as the pawn and flings him on the desert Ludo board to denote where the pawn would land after covering the designated paces the dice rolled. The man in the middle of the board looks super bored as he has already finished the game and is idly waiting for others to catch up.