Some series make you laugh, some make you cry, and then there are others that shred your soul into pieces with minute details, series that turn you into a crazy know it all, series that you fall in love with. One such series is the Harry Potter series, with the books long gone and the movies made years ago, this fandom still exists and is pretty much active with new and interesting information even now. That is the power of J. K. Rowling’s writing and perhaps the memories of the 90’s childhood.

While both the books as well as films had a huge craze AND FAN FOLLOWING, people are often disturbed by the geeky book fans pointing out the mistakes in the films and how things should have been different. We have the logical fans who argue that not everything can be included in the time span of 150 minutes and others who still remain stubborn and argue. Well to those who get irritated by these arguments here are three changes in the movies that should have remained the same with the proper reasoning.

1) Peeves the Poltergeist

If you have not heard this name before, it simply states that you are a Harry Potter movies fan. This character added the extra humor and sass to the books with his pranks and practical jokes. This was important to us mainly because Peeves is specials. It is neither a ghost, nor living but a unique creature in itself. Also, being the biggest trouble maker at Hogwarts who never listened to anybody, the only people he obeyed were the Weasley twins in the Fifth Book. The character is said to have obeyed their order to give the most hated Dolores Umbridge hell by creating more trouble.

2) St. Mungo’s Hospital

In the fifth book, , Harry, Hermione and Ron visit St Mungo’s to see Arthur Weasley after the snake attack, in the process running into their old DADA teacher from book 2, Gilderoy Lockhart, who is a long-term patient there after the backfired Memory Charm. And if you are wondering why meeting them was important, it is also the time when the Ron and Hermione discover the truth about Neville’s parents and his sufferings. It was this acceptance of the truth by the trio and still being a friend to him that made Neville the brave warrior that he is.

3) Voldemort’s Death

Yes the beautiful 3D effect of Voldemort’s decaying soul was not how it should have ended. Here is why it was important. The whole point of the book version of Voldemort’s death is no matter how much you try to defeat it when death gets to you, you die just like a normal human being, even if you are the greatest dark wizard of all times or the richest man on earth, death comes in the same way to each one of us.