Fantasies and fairy tales have been a vital part of each person’s childhood, be it Peter Pan and Robin Hood or Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. We have all read the books, seen the cartoons but the most exciting experience has been watching the live action version of the story. It is therefore no wonder that Angelina Jolie’s latest flick Maleficent turns into a huge box office success. But there are many reasons for this beautiful version of Sleeping Beauty to be one of the most brilliant take on fairy tales. Here are three reasons behind the movie’s success:

1. The other side

While we have all sympathized with Aurora and heard and read everything about the good side, this movie truly looks into both the sides of the coin. It attempts at giving us a look into the perspective of Maleficent. It gives rise to a new perspective that looks at the evil for who they really are and why they became what they became.

2. The Cheekbones

For those geeky fans who question every minor change that happens in the live in movies, there would be no complaints when it comes to the character of Maleficent. From the sharp cheekbones that are defined as “so sharp and jutting that one could juice oranges on them” to the accelerated eyebrows. The cheekbones especially are a direct inspiration from the 1959 animated film, Sleeping Beauty.

3. Angelina Jolie

After a four year gap, Angelina Jolie is back with a bang. She is the heart and soul of the film and makes you fall in love with her all over again. She makes the transformation believable and her take on the evil side is thrilling.