Bollywood movies have been entertaining us since ages. It is particularly in India that people often forget the names of the movie but remember the dialogues of it.  It goes without saying that the strength of the storyline of any Bollywood movie relies totally on the shoulders of the dialogues of it. The effect of the dialogues of any Bollywood movie undoubtedly leaves a powerful impact on the minds of true movie enthusiasts.

While sitting with our friends, cousins or relatives, knowingly or unknowingly, we tend to use a lot of these Bollywood dialogues. The dialogues are so deeply engraved in our minds that they are now a part of our daily conversation.

Today we bring to you 10 all- time famous dialogues from some of the well- known movies of the golden era of Bollywood. Tune into Hindi cinema’s best lines. Enjoy!


1. “Agar apni behen ko zinda dekhna chaahte ho toh Kaali Pahaadi ke peeche wale mandir mei aajaana.”

2. “Inhe dawaaon ki nahi, duwaayon ki zarurat hai.”

3. “Haaye, main lutt gai, barbaad hogai.”

4. “Rakesh, main tumhare bacche ki maa bannewali hoon.”

5. “Meri beti toh laakho mei ek hai.”

6. “Apne aap ko police ke hawaale kardo.”

7. “Bhagwaan, maine aaj tak tumse kuch nahi maanga.”

8. “Main tumhara ehsaan zindagibhar nahi bhoolungi.”

9. “Chhod do mujhe bhagwaan ke liye chhod do.”

10. “Main Kahan hoon?”