If you are a girl, you probably would relate to this! If you are guy, then hold up, you need to read this! There are somethings that you should know about girls and stop assuming. Leave the ‘ability to assume wildest things’ to us, will you? So, lets get this straight, ‘Girls are not complicated’, you just need to know few things. And these 21 things are just the things which will help you score!

1. and post breakup sex for a few times is never off the table. You aren’t the only one fearing a ‘draught’.

Pro Tip: never initiate it until we do.

2. We would love a three way provided we don’t know the third one and we are given more attention and love.


3. No matter what age you are or what you look like, we will always find a man hitting on us very flattering.

4. We love a good foreplay way more than the actual deed and lingering a little bit longer along the way can make for a very pleasant trip.

5. Never insult a girl in front of another, it’s an insult to the whole womankind and we will never find you man enough to go out with.

6. We don’t always want to cuddle or to be held, at times we love to go back to the comfort of our own homes and beds and that has no reflection on you. It just means we love our own space and beds.

7. Not all of us are laying traps on getting you hooked, some of us actually love our independence and besides we are always waiting for someone better out there!


8. You aren’t the only ones who would love to see two ladies together. If haven’t already tried we have always wanted to know the taste of their cherry chap-stick.


9. We love confidence in a man, it’s one of the biggest turn ons , but there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Over do it and u know you’ve lost your ticket to the la-la land.

10. We love sex as much as you do but that’s not the only thing we are after.

11. Sometimes we can be in a bad mood for reasons other than PMS , so stop asking us if it’s that time of the month already.


12. ‘My ex did this’ and ‘I did this for my ex ‘is an instant recipie for disaster.

13. We will have days in which we want to feel reassured and want to know why you like us. Humor us, it doesn’t imply we are needy or clingy.

14. Men ogle the way women giggle, there’s no need to get riled up over every guy ogling at us instead be happy on having a hot girl by your side.

15. Little things do count, just by remembering how we like our eggs can get you faster in our pants than diamonds.


16. If we take 15 mins to get ready, you better take less than that. Otherwise, we will we wondering what the hell are you doing in there!?

17. Games. Do not play them. If we say we don’t play games, you must know we have already been there and done that!

18. If we try to tolerate your overly-attached bros with a smile on our faces then least you can do is be considerate about our girlfriends.


19. When we say ‘I don’t know’ that doesn’t mean ‘Yes’. Did we order for Mr. Overconfident? I guess not!

20. We want you to initiate. If you don’t call us back after sometime, then we are done! That ‘3 days rule’ is a complete crap!


21. If we start fiddling with our hair or start stroking yours then we like you. That’s the sign!