There are a lot of movies which are box office hits and critically acclaimed, but are complete garbage with respect to production value, acting or storyline. We are forced to watch in horror as these mediocre movies win award after award at the Oscars (especially like Gravity). Then are also movies out there which are amazing but for some reason people don’t like them. We’re not even talking about independent films, we’re talking about mainstream, big budget movies with star studded casts. Here’s a list of films which we consider to be some of the best but underrated films ever made:


1) Charlie Wilson’s War (2007): This movie is a biographical comedy (based on a book, though it really happened) about US Congressman Charles Wilson and CIA officer Gust Avrakotos who funded and armed the Afghan mujahideen to help them fight off the Red Army during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Despite the serious theme of this movie it has several witty jokes throughout. It also has a star studded cast consisting of Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Om Puri. (We’re also pretty sure we saw Arbaaz Khan in the movie, though his role wasn’t credited) You’d think that with a cast like that the movie would be a huge success, well it wasn’t true, it turns out most people care a lot more about special effects than acting, which is why this movie was just barely successful, certainly not as much as it deserved.


 2) Office Space (1999): This American comedy is about an disgruntled office worker named Peter Gibbons who finally realises that he’s sick of the monotony of working at his company. He along with three other employees are repeatedly bullied by their boss Bill Lumbergh, their situation becomes worse when the company hires two consultants to downsize employees. This is an extremely funny movie and has a talented cast comprising of Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston, Stephen Root and Gary Cole. Though the movie wasn’t a great success you’ve probably seen Bill Lumbergh memes all over the internet along with his catchphrase “that would be great”.


 3) Shanghai Noon (2000): This is a movie you’ve definitely seen since it plays on a majority of English movie channels in this country every few hours, and for a good reason, it’s charming. It’s an action- comedy- western- martial arts mix starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, what’s not to like about that? The plot is rather simple, the princess of  China has been kidnapped and taken to the US, Jackie Chan has been sent from China to the US to try and get her back, meanwhile Owen Wilson spends his days robbing trains with his gang, how fitting it is that these two very different people would come together to take on the Wild West?