How many times has it happened that you saw something so cute you felt like crying? Well cute aggression is a tendency that makes you go violent unintentionally when you see something really cute. One of the most common stimulants for this tendency is our loyal faithful friends, DOGS! Many times dogs do something so normal for them yet so cute for you that you get overloaded with cuteness. Licking, barking, sniffing and playing dead are a few examples. However, here are a few things that a dog might do that might make you go “Awwwwwwwww!”

1) Tail chase – “Oh hey, what’s that? I better catch it…….”, 15 minutes after running around in circles “oh never mind, it’s just my tail”. Dogs generally forget the fact that they were born with tails, and tend to chase it for hours just for no good reason.


2) Yawn – After a busy day of lying around doing nothing, our canine friends do get tired a lot. But its the long stretched yawn of theirs that grabs the attention.


3) Head tilt stare – Every denied your dog of something and still ended up letting them do it? If you are wondering why, the answer is the stare. They just look at you with a pretty convincing expression which makes you feel bad for not letting them do what they want.


4) The excitement – When a dog is excited for something it has been waiting for, it does the most insane stuff which you couldn’t even imagine. Normally they just wiggle their tail or roll over, but in rare cases, they go nuts.