Getting angry is one of the most frowned upon emotions (or behaviors) depending which way you look at it, but we personally believe anger is one of the most essential of all emotions simply because it helped build human civilization. If people were content with the way things were do you think society would evolve? Of course not. It only happened because people kept getting pissed off and changing the government, laws, rules, norms behavior and what not. If you don’t believe us just think about it more closely and compare it with the reasons for several historical events we start to see a pattern, for example the French revolution started because people were angry with the aristocracy and British colonialism started because they were perpetually angry because of the weather there. It’s really easy to get angry these days which is a good thing because as we mentioned earlier anger helps advance human civilization, or barbarism or both. Here’s a list of things you can do if you want to get angry quickly:

1) Have Children

Yes having children will literally suck all the life out of you (at least that’s what my mum says). Children are God’s way of making people angry. What’s more frustrating than an annoying little disgusting brat? Not much, except maybe the new Spiderman movie.

2) Read a News Paper

On an average day a newspaper will have at least six articles that will completely piss you off because either they don’t agree with your views or because they’re about Ragini MMS . If the news fails to annoy you there’s always the advertisements.

3) Listen to Dubstep

Dubstep is the kind of music that makes the listener angry, not because it’s influential or has subliminal messages (that’s pop) but simply because it insults the listener’s intelligence. All of dubstep basically sounds like a car factory. Dubstep as a genre has only four distinct tunes under which every “song” falls into.

4) Read the Comments Section of a Youtube Video

This too is an excellent way to get annoyed and exchange your views with  other angry self righteous people from around the world, we strongly recommend you brush up on your swears before attempting this.

5) Be a listener

Listen to your friend’s love life problems (this is particularly effective if your friend happens to be male.)