Top 5 most common things people say to a photographer

Photography is a trending hobby nowadays. With apps like Instagram, Picasa and more, even a rookie calls himself a photographer, making the professionals angry. Just buy a DSLR, click a random picture, put your name as a watermark at the bottom and you’re good to go. However, its not important as to who is the one clicking the picture, as much as it is the one who gets clicked. People have the funniest ideas for their so called “Awesome clicks”. Here are a few common requests that a professional photographer gets:

Natural click

“Bhai ek Natural pic ho jaye!” this is the most common statement faced by a photographer, where subjects pose as if they were unknown to the fact the they have been clicked. Often the so called “Natural” pose is just looking somewhere else except for the camera. Natural? Seriously?

The No Marks

Considering your photographer as a human Photoshop is a general stereotype nowadays. Often the subject requests the photographer to remove the pimples or black heads and give a fair glow to their faces thus treating him as a face cream!

Change the settings

Many of the subjects pretend to know it all, and give TIPS to the photographer on how to click. Oh sure, you do have a friend who has a camera and knows fancy words like “Shutter speed” or “Exposure Level”!!! But do you really think the photographer doesn’t know all the necessary settings for that camera to click a good snap?

See what I am holding

Okay, admit it now, even you have done this! Placing yourself in the frame with your hand out during a sunset to pretend you are holding the sun, or pretending to hold a far away tower in your pinch. Seems pretty lame, however this is what most of the people request for.

Epic randomness

Well, these are generally the most unexpected requests which make no sense to the photographer. From things like “Make me look like Hritik from Agneepath” to “Click upside down while I do a Hand stand so it looks like I am holding the earth up!”. Don’t believe it? Ask a genuine photographer.