Gym meme

Image source: Pinterest

Hey you! Yes u! Are you tired of that saggy gut and flabby body which makes you look like a bean bag? Or are you so skinny you walk in the direction that the wind blows? If so, you need to hit the gym my friend. Work on that body to make yourself attractive. However, if you’re convinced already, it’s my responsibility to inform you about the herd of fitness freaks you will witness at the gym! Here are a few types of people you are bound to notice once you start working out:

The Newbies:

Basically the ones who have no idea what to do, and who end up walking 35 minutes on the treadmill just to not look suspicious. Saw someone unfit just standing at the corner sipping protein shake and a hand towel on a shoulder, doing nothing but notice people? Yes! That’s the one!

The Sex Bombs:

These are the people who, with their rock solid abs or curvy bodies, have a tendency to either turn you on, or make you wish you had a body like that. These people are the ones the trainer shows you once you come to enquire about the gym.

The Screamers:

AAH!!! WOAH!!! YEAH!!! OOOOH!!!! Ninety Nine!!!! Oneeee Hundreddddddd!!!!! These are the kind of sounds you get to hear when the screamers start working out! They are so much dedicated towards the routine that they feel the need to verbally work out, while actually working out.

 The Neck-Less:

These are the people who pushed it too far! Too much work out and lot of fitness products in the attempt of getting buffed up, these people are the ones who ended up with a huge body, big enough to hide their neck. Seriously! What’s the use of having a body that won’t let you use the first 2 buttons of your shirt?

The Naggers:

“Sir ye treadmill dheere kyu chal raha hai?”, “Boss! AC ka hawa nahi aa raha”, “Kya gaaney baja rahe ho!!! Thoda Honey singh woney singh lagao!!!”. Naggers have an issue with everything around them. Basically the ones whom you want to punch the moment you’re in shape.

The Beat-Freaks:

These are the ones who are in their own world. Whose headphones and I-Pods are attached to their bodies like a koala to a tree. The music playing in their ears seem to control the pace of their workout. Heavy metal and rock music for biceps, EDM for crunches and hip hop for cardio.  Yup! They have it all sorted.

And lastly……

The “Hey you’re doing it wrong” guy:

Every gym has that irritating character (Mostly a guy) who thinks he knows it all. He’ll walk up to you with and tell you “Tu barabar nahi kar raha dost” and tell you the ‘PROPER’ technique which makes you feel he is right, since you can feel the pressure on your thighs and calves, but that feeling goes away the moment you realise you were actually working on your arms.