Top 7 Games that will remind you of your childhood

Summer vacations in the 90s were completely different than the ones nowadays. While kids nowadays spend 80% of their time playing Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, etc their elder siblings and parents cherish the time when the outdoor games used to be the best thing to do. Lying, cheating, teaming up, throwing, catching, bonding etc were a part of the daily chores which made the 90s outdoor games so interesting that the next 30 seconds of your life will be a complete bliss, as you travel through time to the forgotten land of epic childhood.

Hide & Seek:

Also known as “Luka Chupi” or “Chupan Chupai”.  The concept is, everyone hides, and one poor unlucky person has to search everyone. I mean, don’t you just love it when it’s your turn to seek everyone, and they just leave home while you’re still hoping to find them?

Lock & Key:

A fun rainy day game for the kids. Basically, one person is supposed to tag everyone and scream “Lock”. Once tagged, you cannot move, unless someone else tags you screaming “Key”. But make sure you scream “Lock” & “Key” at their respective tags, because apparently, it matters a LOT!

Land & Water:

A great game based on mocking the one person supposed to catch you. Depending on where you play this, a particular area will be called “land”, rest of the area will be called “water”. The catcher will choose his territory (Land or Water) and will catch anyone who enters it. What do the rest of you do? Enter his territory to mock him, get out before you’re caught!

Human Chain (Saakhli):

This game is really good if you want to learn the importance of teamwork. Here, the catcher tags one person at a time. Once tagged, you are supposed to hold hands with the catcher and help him catch the others. Same concept carried forward till the time a human chain of kids tags the last one standing.

Lagorie :

A fun game to play with a ball! Gather 7 stones of different size. Pile them up according to the size. Well what next? Break the pile of stones with the ball. All the others are supposed to hit you with the ball (standing exactly form where they picked up the ball) while you dodge the ball, gather the stones, pile them up again. Best part, even if you pile up the stones again, nobody will stop aiming the ball at you unless you circle your leg 3 times over the pile and scream “Lagorie!!!”

Rink football:

Wanna play football but your parents aren’t rich enough to buy you a stadium or a play ground? Well don’t you worry because this is the type of soccer specially designed to be played in a small area. Keep the ball below knee level, is the main rule of this game. One tip….. Don’t piss off the guy who owns the ball, else the game is off.

Box type Cricket:

Wanna play Cricket but your parents aren’t rich enough to buy you a stadium or a play ground? Well don’t you worry again, because this is the type of Cricket specially designed to be played in a small area. In addition to Sixes and Boundaries, This game includes specialized areas where if you hit, you get 1 & 2 runs respectively. One tip…… Everybody can afford a cricket ball. Don’t piss off the guy who owns the bat.