First let’s have a look at what is Quit India Movement? This mega movement also known as the August Movement of India or the Bharat Chhodo Andolan was launched in August 1942. This movement was one of the most disobedience one and was carried out by Mahatma Gandhi to rescue the country from the British.

The main question here which arises is what gave rise to such major milestone? The main factor was Gandhi’s protest against Sir Stafford Cripps return. Around 1942 in the month of July, the Congress Working Committee adopted this movement and hence this resolution was launched on 8th August, 1942. This tremendous move was accepted and then further modifications were done.  Here we have listed and shorted down the top things which one must know:

1. Our great leaders from Congress like Abdul Kalam Azad, Vallabhai patel, Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru got arrested on August 9th. One of the famous slogan learned in our school times was “Do or Die” was given by Mahatma Gandhi.

2. The policy of violence and removal of non-violence was adopted by Lord Linlithgow. During the first half of Quit India Movement, there were several strikes, demonstrations, processions etc.

3. Later on the next half of the movement included raids in government buildings, municipal houses, post offices, railway stations etc. were set on fire.

4. The last and the final phase began in September 1942 which started with mobs bombed in government places like Bombay, Madhya Pradesh.

5. Finally the movement started gaining lots of importance through peaceful means and was carried on till Mahatma Gandhi wasn’t released.

6. Britishers had support of Viceroy’s Council of Muslims, Communist party and other places. Not only this but also support from Americans crushed the movement badly.

7. Later on when Britishers were defeated they didn’t like their taste of loosing from Indians. Due to which they refused to grant immediate independence, and finally India gained Independence after the war ended in 1947.