Can pickles get contaminated if it is touched by a menstruating woman? Does bathing or washing hair increase flow during those days or for that matter does eating sour food aggravate menstrual cramps?

These were not lifted from some humor piece to leave you in splits. These are some of the myths associated with menstruation in India. Don’t be surprised if the above questions are answered in the affirmative by a large number of our compatriots including females.

To dispel the myths associated with menstruation, sanitary napkin manufacturer Whisper has launched a new campaign #TouchThePickle aims at dispelling some myths associated with menstruation.

We list some myths associated with menstruation which are high on hilarity quotient.

Myth 1: Pickle will get contaminated if you touch it during your period

Can pickled mangoes, lemons or for that matter chillies smell a period and turn bad to show their displeasure. Life would have been so easy for women and save them the trouble of marking the calendar (setting reminders on smartphones for the tech savvy) to be prepared for those days. Women just need to touch those jars of pickles and give time for the preserves to raise a stink or show their displeasure by turning red, green or black.

This misconception has thrived over the centuries. Women undergoing period pose no risk to spoiling any food items by touching them.

Myth 2: Bathing or washing hair will increase menstrual flow

Hillarious it may seem but quite a sizeable chunk of women do harbour this belief. This seems to have been devised by water conservation conscious patriarchs from the parched drylands of Marathwada or the desert regions of Rajasthan. Water is a scarce and why allow women to waste it must have been their logic.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Keep clean and change undergarments to remain fresh throughout your period.

Myth 3: Eating sour foods worsens menstrual cramps

Does consumption of non-vegetarian food incite passion in you? Can a bowl of bisibelabath make you horny? If the answer is no then there is no correlation to eating sour foods and menstrual cramps.

Maintain a healthy diet during those crucial days and eat plenty of chappatis, brown bread, beans, dal and yogurt.

Myth 4: You can’t get pregnant during your period

Unless you have taken Union Home Minister Dr Harshvardhan too seriously and started practicing abstinence. There is always a chance of getting pregnant if you indulge in some hanky-panky business with your spouse during your periods. Ovulation and menstrual cycles can be unpredictable and so can women during periods. Men raise your hands if you concur.

Myth 5: Your period should last for exactly one week

Menstrual cycle is a biological process by which the female body readies itself for pregnancy. Periods can last anywhere between three to seven days as everyone’s period is different.