A 30-year-old transgender woman was able to breastfeed her baby in the world’s first ever case of induced lactation which was recorded in academic literature. An account published in Transgender Health, the doctors said that the case shows, “modest but functional lactation can be induced in transgender women.” One of the doctors of Mount Sinai hospital in New York who documented the study, Tamar Reisman, said, “Transgender medicine is becoming part of mainstream medicine. We’re getting more evidence-based data, we’re getting more standardized care, and we’re getting more reproductive options.” The transgender woman who went on to breastfeed her child had gone to the doctors when her partner was five months pregnant.

Apparently, her partner was not willing to breastfeed the couple’s child, so the transgender woman wanted to take up the responsibility. Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein wrote in the documentation that the woman was being treated for insomnia and anxiety but other than that appeared to be a “pleasant, well-nourished, well-developed woman”. The transgender woman had not had gender reassignment or breast augmentation but had taken hormone therapy for six years. Lactation can be induced in cisgender women who have not experienced a pregnancy through a framework which is used by doctors to promote lactation in patients and this is what Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein used. Kim Kardashian’s Third Child Chicago West Makes an Appearance in Kylie Jenner’s Video Tribute to her Baby Daughter

According to the study, the woman underwent a three-and-a-half month treatment that included a drug to stimulate lactation and suppress testosterone. The patient was given increased regimen of female hormones progesterone and estradiol and told to use a breast pump and also domperidone, a nausea medication that is known to increase milk production. After a month of treatment, the patient started producing “droplets” of milk, and after three months the transgender woman was producing 8 ounces of milk a day.

According to the study, the transgender woman breastfed the baby for the first six weeks after birth and later on had to supplement the breastfeeding with formula as she was unable to produce enough milk. This was the first documented case and is definitely a big breakthrough for doctors as well as for transgender men and women who want to have the maximum experience of parenthood.