Bad Hair Day

Everyone has a bad hair day, but are you a routine victim and does you day start with I’m sorry, I am so glum with a bad hair day situation, You need to use some handy tips to come off clean.  You may not always be able to have a good hair day every day, but there’s no reason why you should have a bad one. You can turn bad hair days into, well, stylishly acceptable days, with far less effort than you think.

Here’s how to fix all of those bad hair days.

Frizz Fight

Your textured hair gets frizzed up at work. When you have curly hair, you can’t fix it if it’s dry; you need to make it damp. Keep a conditioning spray nearby, which dampens the hair and resets the curl without making it look frizzy.

Flat Hair

When you have fine hair that started out voluminous-looking, but an hour before your big meeting it fell flat. Keep a travel-size dry texturizing spray. To give your hair a boost of body, flip your hair over and spray it everywhere, but mainly concentrate on your roots. Not only will it help to soak up any oil on your scalp, it will also add instant volume.

Long Lasting Ringlets

You want to make sure your ringlets last longer? Curl your entire head, and then apply a lightweight hairspray. Divide your hair down the centre from your hairline to the nape of your neck. Twist each side away from your face, securing in a bun behind your ears. When you get to work, let your hair down and undo it out.

Major Static

When you have a static charge, neutralize it. Rub a pea-sized dollop of serum, in the palm of your hands, and apply it from the middle of your hair to the ends. If you have oily, static-y hair, don’t use a serum. Instead, try a light-hold hairspray. The worst thing for static hair is brushing it, so avoid that at all costs.

So Slick

Your hair turns oily around 4 p.m. after you’ve played with it all day? If your hair is so oily you have to put it up, apply dry shampoo and then pull your hair into a French twist. Then, hit it with some hairspray, the alcohol it contains will help soak up any oil.

Waves Fall Flat

You have wavy hair that falls flat midday? Keep a salt spray in your bag. Apply it all over, then twist it into a bun and let it dry this will give a boost to your wave. You can also spray the same product on your hair and scrunch it up from ends to roots, using your hands and holding it for a few seconds when you get closer to your roots. The heat from your palm will help activate the salt spray, allowing it to restyle your waves.

Follow these effort less tips and say good bye to bad hair days.

By Priya Prakashan