In a video clip that has since gone viral, a yellowfin tuna, cut in half and sliced longitudinally is shown still thrashing around on the plastic tray it’s kept in. The clip posted by Yutaka Suzuki shows the fish floundering and thrashing in the tray for more than a minute and a half. Some fish like the walking catfish can stay alive even when out of the water so it is repeatedly bashed on the head using a blunt metal object but yellowfin tuna is not known to possess such quality. Fish can’t survive outside water as they breathe through water that is passed through gills, devoid of lungs they can’t survive on land.

However, this yellowfin tuna fish left everyone amazed. The fish wasn’t identified but a woman whose voice can be heard in the video refers to it as buri that is Japanese for yellowfin tuna, according to SoraNews24. The video which quickly became viral on Twitter was a point of discussion and many Twitter users pointed out that probably the fish’s nerves were not properly severed which would have rendered it alive. Muscle motor neurons are trigger by electrical signals and these can still be active even if the brain has died. To prevent this Japanese fishermen typically insert a spike directly into a fish’s hindbrain in a method that is called ikejime that results in immediate brain death thereby stopping involuntary muscle reflexes. When ikejime is done properly the fins of the fish flare and the fish relaxes. Disha Patani, Malaika Arora, Jacqueline Fernandez, Shraddha Kapoor And Many More Celebrities All Have Clicked A Selfie With This Man, Who Is He?

Watch the video below:

Many believe that not performing ikejime affects the taste of the fish as the fish’s muscles produce lactic acid as they thrash about. The tweet has been amassed 180,367 retweets and 245,361 likes on Twitter.