Every kid feels safe near their mothers. And the last thing they should probably fear is a butt in their face. I mean, when will that ever happen? If this video is anything to go by, every kid needs to beware of their mom’s ‘booty‘ – it can knock you down, literally, as this little girl found out.

A hilarious new video of a young mother knocking down her toddler while shaking her posterior has gone viral, gaining more than 5,00,000 views till date.

In the explanation that the mom Summer Knowlden posted on YouTube, she said that she had decided to enter an online dance competition for mothers. Before submitting her final video as an entry, she wanted to warm-up first. So she decided to record a video of herself, dancing to the hit song Bring Em Out by T.I.

Her husband is in charge of the video camera, and in some time Summer is also ready to work the living room with her moves. As she shakes and twerks to glory, she does not notice her little daughter, who it seems wants to join mommy in having some fun. Her little girl stumbles up to mom’s back, but mom unknowingly thrusts her behind into the girl’s face, knocking her over!

As soon as that happens, dad and mom both come to her aid, but the little one is found to be perfectly fine. Stunned a little at what had just happened, but fine. She lays on the ground for a while, and is pleasantly surprised at seeing her mom like this. When Summer realises that her daughter is not hurt at all, she falls to the floor laughing.

So what has she done now? Well, due to the hugely positive reactions she received from everyone she knew, she was encouraged to upload the video to YouTube, and share it with Ellen DeGeneres and America’s Funniest Videos.

Unfortunately, the twerking mom did not win the competition, but she said she was happy to have made people laugh.

Watch the video here!