Adulting is serious business especially when your waking moments go in making plans to go for grocery shopping, paying bills on time and doing laundry. Checking office emails, fretting over the maid’s absence and looking forward to lounging in your pajamas over the weekend is what adulating is all about. If the above statements resounded with your daily routine then congratulations friend, welcome to adulthood and now there is never going to be any respite for you. The fact that we constantly look forward to growing up when we are kids but once we reach the age of maturity we want to turn the clock back is what most our lives are about. However, there is no turning back and you must accept the responsibility that comes from becoming a grown up. However, many of us trudge along without realizing that they have become adults and in order to enlighten these lost souls a new Twitter trend is doing the rounds which will help solve the confusion. “You know you are an adult when…” is a trend that has given rise to many hilarious jokes and memes on Twitter.

The bizarre phenomenon of “You know you are an adult when…” has enthralled the Twitterati who ensured that they come up with some amazingly hilarious and amusing tweets, jokes and memes. People are sharing anecdotes on social media and it is the new trend on the internet. The tweets shared by the users will definitely make you laugh out loud and probably make you second them as well thinking that you do the same in the situation. Here are some tweets. Shashi Tharoor Commits a Typo in His Tweet And The Twitterati Was Quick To Crack Jokes At His Expense

Early to bed is bae

The expense is always on the mind

Utilities for Christmas

Save those privilege leaves

Always knew that Dumbledore’s woolen socks wish was the best

Partying at 4.30 am, what is that?

Work is always on the mind

We are sure these tweets made you agree with most of them since adulthood plagues everyone the same way. People’s childhood can be different but adulthood looks the same everywhere. Paying bills, work pressure, household chores and grabbing a few quick winks to reenergize your sleep depravity throughout the week is what adult life is all about, but trudge along with a smile on your face because everyone is in the same boat.