At the Social Media Marketing World convention, held in San Diego in the US, a performance of an original song called ‘Let’s Get Social’ stunned the audience and provoked the internet. The weird song lyrics were written by Phil Mershon, who performed it together with Mary McCoy of Continuum Marketing Services.

The video of the hilariously bad performance has made its way to the internet. It has since gone viral, gaining more than 4,00,000 views since its release. The video has also generated coverage on national as well as international news.

According to the description on Youtube, the song was a ‘warm up’ performance before the key note panel took the stage. They were to speak on the topic, “Have We Lost the Social in Social Media?” (Read: Coca Cola invents a way to help people cure social media addiction)

The song is basically what everyone who uses social media wants to say those around them. The lyrics sound just as needy as people do when they use social networks. Some of the lyrics include, “Here’s some photos from my life, my cat, my kids/Some bacon!” and “I’m hoping you’ll share my stuff and tweet it to the world.” The lyrics, though weird, perfectly highlight what people are doing on the internet today. The song is also filled with various marketing terms commonly used in the field of media – these include “find our fans in their newsfeed”.

Mary McCoy keeps the beat of the song by clapping, and sings with full power. In the middle, Phil Mershon begins to rap in the song. He does so in the most cringe-worthy manner, but it is funny nevertheless. Before starting to rap, Mershon tells the confused crowd to stand up and take a ‘selfie’ with the person next to them, since apparently it was ‘time to get social!’ That did not help with the confusion in the audience, though some were humoured by what was happening.

After the performance, all those present at the event were polite enough to give the duo a round of applause, albeit while wondering what exactly the song was, and why it was performed. However, the reactions to the song on the internet are far less mannerly. While some laughed their guts out at the lyrics, others said that the song could possibly be the worst, in the history of music. Even within the social media industry, the video is being criticized.

However, not only has the video attained viral status, it has also been rewarded with its own entry on ‘KnowYourMeme’ – a popular meme-based site.

So how did the duo respond to the mixed reactions? Mershon said that he initially took offence to the criticism, but then realized that he had not pointed out that the lyrics were intended to be humourous, and were not actually seriously promoting social media and its trends. McCoy said that she loved the publicity, and what mattered to her was that people were talking about the video.

Watch the video of the hilarious performance here: